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Suffering from imprecise handling?

Not satisfied with the performance?

Or even experiencing braking instability?

Fed up of constantly having to replace worn out bushes and uneven tyres?
costing you a fortune each time?

Polyurethane suspension bushes could be the answer!

Standard rubber bushes only have a limited lifespan and can deteriorate quickly in the presence of oil and in extreme heat and cold conditions. On the other hand, polyurethane bushes last much longer and offer the benefits of rubber but do not have the disadvantages inherent in standard rubber.

Wear & tear of anti roll bar and wishbone bushes are one of the most common problems in the suspension of a vehicle and while polyurethane bushes serve a broad spectrum of the market, they are becoming increasingly useful on vehicles that have a reputation for wearing out the standard rubber ones.

Aftermarket manufacturers of polyurethane bushes include POWERFLEX, SUPERFLEX, SUPERPRO AND POLYBUSH which produce a variety of bushes for different applications. Between them, they have made it possible to replace the majority of the rubber suspension bushes with upgraded polyurethane ones for cars ranging from the old and classic, to new and modern.

Additionally, the upgraded bushes are offered with different level of warranties for example, POWERFLEX offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products whereas, SUPERFLEX & SUPER PROs 3 year road warranty also goes a long way.

Polyurethane suspension bushes are available for different parts of the vehicle; front and rear wishbone, anti roll bars bump stops exhaust mounts to name a few.

Here at SUSPENSION BUSHES, we pride ourselves in dealing exclusively in suspension bushes, supplying to retail and wholesale customers alike. We set up ourselves in a way so that we are small and compact enough to be able to provide a personalized service to our customers, and big enough to carry out our operations on a global scale.

More importantly, we understand the importance of a roadworthy and safe vehicle. To make that possible, we not only hold a huge stock of bushes in our London based office, but can also supply them extremely quickly and at very low prices! With great prices, quick delivery and extraordinary service, we will ensure you a pleasant experience dealing with us and receive your bushes in time, perhaps for your important MOT, so your car is back on the road as soon as possible.

Using our secure and easy to use website, you can order the bushes you need in a matter of minutes and in most cases, have them delivered to you the very next day. We are also present on eBay and have an online shop with hundreds of items you just simply cannot afford to miss.

Our sales team is contactable via telephone number +4420 3287 4373 and email sales@suspension-bushes.co.uk

Dont delay, order your bushes TODAY!

We are here to help and ensure we meet your expectations.

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